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Flat Top Clipping Machine Number 407

The Flat Clipping Machine No. 407 has been developed specially for the modern mill which may have a relatively small number of cards not requiring the speed of production of a Power Driven Flat Clipping Machine capable of high speed clipping of the card flats. Even so, the mill will require the flats to be clipped accurately to meet the fine setting tolerances of the card flat to the cylinder wire.

The Handiclip No. 407 flat clipping machine provides this necessary degree of accuracy due to the precision manufacture of the machine bed and the ground, hardened steel rollers guiding the clipping carriage along the length of the card flat. The flat is held in position by pneumatic side clamping and powerful hand operated top clamping and the clipping carriage is moved along the card flat by hand through the geared handle. The time to clip one card flat would be less than three minutes , which for a mill with say 30 cards requiring recovering even twice a year is normally quite sufficient.

Both cast iron and aluminium card flats can be accommodated on the Handiclip flat clipping machine up to a width suitable for 40" wide carding machines. The Handiclip machine has been supplied to many hundreds of mills throughout the world where economically priced equipment having precision and reliable function has been a necessary recommendation of both the card maker and the card clothing manufacturer.

Flat Clipping Machine to clip flat tops onto flat irons
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